Ashly Newr-5 Network Programmable Decora Wall Remote

by Ashly


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Control your system from any location with our Network Enabled remote controls. This device fits in standard wall boxes and uses a wired Ethernet network connection for hook-up.† The neWR-5 is a programmable remote button controller for Ashly Network Enabled amps and processors.

One neWR-5 targets only one NE amp or processor, but within that unit can adjust preset recall/scroll, channel mute, zone source selection, individual channel level, matrix point level, and logic output if available. All button programming is done across the network using Ashly Protea NE Software.

neWR-5 Features:

  • Six programmable LED function buttons
  • Two, Up/Down buttons w/ LED display adjust parameters
  • Preset recall and preset scroll
  • Input, output, zone, and matrix mix level control
  • Zone source select
  • Channel mute
  • Logic high/low Output (ne24.24M w/ GPO option, ne4800/8800)
  • Powered using IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet, or external supply**
  • RJ-45 Ethernet connector, 100M maximum cable distance
  • Hard-wired Lock-out connector for security key switch
  • Fenêtre pour les étiquettes définies par l'utilisateur

Les produits Ashly compatibles incluent:

  • nXe*, nXp amplifiers
  • Amplificateurs Pema
  • NE multi-channel amplifiers*
  • NE two-channel amplifiers*
  • processeur matriciel ne24.24M
  • NE8800/4800 network processors
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